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Supergirl Vs Wonder Woman Measuring the Powers of Wonder Woman

Supergirl Vs Wonder Woman

Despite Marvel’s superiority at the stage of cinema, DC Comics is still not willing to let the former dominate. Undoubtedly, DC Studios lacks the ability to compete with Marvel Studios, but the game has not been over for the oldest comic publishing company which has been taking initiatives to outclass its long-time competitor. With the mega-success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Comics fans are wishing to see Supergirl and Wonder Woman together fighting each other in a bid to prove to be the most powerful female character ever.

However, there is a question, what would happen if the two greatest superheroes come face to face with an intention to be victorious? Let’s find this out below in a detailed explanation while mentioning their powers and capabilities.

The Unmatched Abilities of Supergirl

A hot blonde girl indeed, Supergirl is lucky enough to be gifted the powers of Night vision Telescopic vision and Infra-red Vision by god. To be noted, she is the only superhero character to have been equipped with such an advanced set of powers which is enough to make any of her enemies run for their life. Of course, Supergirl has been compared with a superhero, but not with an ordinary criminal, yet it is still unfair to consider her inferior to anyone else while she has the capacity to end the game in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to an extraordinary power, space survivability remains the key to ensuring her survival in intergalactic missions in the cosmic web. The extraordinary durability and hearing powers are some of the main features of Supergirl’s character enabling the blonde girl to make a spot in the top 5 of DC Comic’s most fierce female heroes. In fact, these powers are the reasons Supergirl can be seen giving a hard time to Wonder Woman in Justice League action.

Measuring the Powers of Wonder Woman

We know, if we compare the signature jackets of both of the characters, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Jacket is better than Super-girl’s blue jacket. But since we are comparing the two according to their powers, it would get clear after knowing their strengths and abilities.

To many of you, it might be a bit of injustice to Wonder Woman’s character by comparing her with the Supergirl. But keeping in mind the readers are frustrated to know the reality in ” What If ” situations, it is fair enough to analyse both of these characters. Grew up among a bunch of female warriors, Wonder Woman was trained to make her enemies run for their life. Although she doesn’t have any of the ability Supergirl possesses, she still has some great powers to increase her chances of survival against the Supergirl.


Having the ability to live for thousands of years without getting older, Wonder Woman easily inspires the beauty-conscious girls who have always wanted the same for them. Donning the sizzling hot Gal Gadot Justice League Leather Coat brings Wonder Woman a step ahead of her counterpart in terms of fashion. Well, yeah these superhero figures are as interested in fashion as you and i. Talking of speed, she has got an edge over Supergirl which means she can outrun the competitor without putting the efforts. With this, let’s be sure, she can’t be chased by her enemies except for The Flash and Superman who are twice faster than the black-haired woman.

So Who Will Rise Against All the Odds?

Let me be clear, Wonder Woman would require no extra efforts to defeat Supergirl due to the fact that the former is a battle-hardened character appearing in a number of films and having the experience the Supergirl lacks. The one and only point allowing Wonder Woman to claim victory is her extraordinary experience of battling with unnumbered villains which are greater in number than Supergirl’s enemies.

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