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James Bond TV Spot Trailer Extended

James Bond 24th edition manages to keep itself always on top of the news. This Time, Sam Mendes (Director Skyfall) has came up with another thrilling surprise for the followers of this franchise. Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and EON production now came up with extended 60 seconds trailer footage of James Bond film Spectre. This footage is surprisingly released on Tuesday night’s NBA Finals game, which happened between the Golden State Warrior and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The players who were seen in that footage are the sixth James Bond Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris playing second time the role of Money Penny, The French actress Lea Seydoux well known for her acting in Blue is the Warmest Color, Italian actress Monica Bellucci, Two Time Oscar-Winning Actor Christoph Waltz and WWE and Guardian of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista.

The footage highlights lots of faces and scenes that were missing in the first official trailer of Bond Spectre. In the trailer, we got the footage of Car chase in Rome between Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Dave Bautista. There was the first look of Lea Seydoux showing that they both are going to enjoy a relation. Same happened with Monica Bellucci but she appeared in first trailer in the funeral scene shot in Italy. There were actions that took place in Austria, the plane crash and James Bond shooting as well while wearing the famous Cashmere/Sweater. Dave Bautista also appeared to be featured in the footage but just a quick look. You will also get to see the chase shot in Mexico City where The Day of Dead Carnival was arranged over there for shooting Spectre.

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