Thanksgiving Food

Let’s keep aside the controversial subject of the actual history of the Thanksgiving and rather focus the food-related aspect of the annually celebrated event. While the idea of the Thanksgiving day was brought up by the European settlers, the Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving day like no other nation on planet Earth. For a large segment of American society, Thanksgiving is truly a day to get together and witness art-filled vehicles in parades all over the country. However, for many, it is more than just a happy moment to spend with family. An American enjoys food like any other individual from a certain country.

In other words, the national holiday allows Thanksgiving celebrators to come up with unique recipe ideas to please the guests in the best way possible. Gone are the days when a grilled Turkey would have been enough for the guests while nothing else was essential to be placed on the dining table. If you want to treat the guests in the most satisfactory way, you need to fill up the dining table with all that can be swallowed easily and tastes exceptionally well. From creamy deserts to the yummy cakes, anything teamed up with Turkey meal would be best to fill up the tummy of your guests. Below are some foods to update your Thanksgiving menu and make the visitors lick their fingers.


Although you might be great at serving Turkey to the guests for years, you still can make a few changes to the traditional recipe by decorating it differently. Of course, putting the whole roasted Turkey in the dish along with berries or oranges sounds quite traditional, fruits can be replaced with Russian salad for a more untraditional look. There is no specific set of rules refraining you from doing so. You can freely change the way of presentation to make roasted Turkey look different than the last year. For a greener look, Instead of putting the green beans in a separate platter, you can mix it with the salad. If you love eating carbs with protein, adding the steamed rice in the dish would offer a great combo of the two nutrients.

Mashed Potatoes

One of the most awesome side dishes to serve is mashed potatoes which can easily be made at home. As the name suggests, you will have to mash the potatoes until it gets converted into a creamy juice. Boil as many potatoes as you want, peel them after they are enough soft to be crushed easily and mash them to make it look like a juice. Here is the most exciting part! Add milk, butter, and garlic for a perfect combination of vegetables and dairy. Once you are done with following the procedure, the low carb and protein dish is ready to be served.

Pecan Pie

Time to update the side dishes menu! When looking for a nuts-filled dish, nothing can beat the Pecan pie for a spicy taste. Served with pride, Pecan pie absolutely satisfies the appetite with fewer calories than a pizza. Not only it is nutritious, but it also tastes way better than the rival pumpkin pie. So, the next time you are preparing the menu, make sure to add some nuts to the table to full the tummy or else you may end up consuming food for another half an hour.

Cranberry Sauce

When writing down the traditional menu on a piece of paper, you might not want to angry the guests by forgetting to make the cranberry sauce. Made of cranberries, the sauce is a natural recipe to have a sweet taste while you eat the spicy Turkey. For health-related benefits, avoid grabbing it from the market since it contains added sugars which are your worse enemy certainly if you are on a low-calorie diet.

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