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The Best Varsity Jackets for All Season

We have already entered into the phase when winter starts troubling our lifestyle and the sudden arrival of snowstorms and chilly winds often restrict us to the indoors. In the meantime when winter gives you a hard time, the only thing you need to have to claim the victory against the cruel weather condition is a Varsity Jacket.

Lightweight, fashionable and stylish, varsity wears have been a part of western clothing for a long time. Apart from countering winter, varsity wears can be used throughout the year. It doesn’t really matter what the season is, you can still pair it with a casual outfit. Special thanks to the TV series’ characters for coming up with amazingly voguish wardrobes, it has been much easier than ever before to find suitable varsity outerwear that fulfills your requirements and keeps the fashion in your personality. Below are some of the insanely awesome jackets to choose from.

An Ultra-Popular Product from Pubg

It’s not a secret anymore that PUBG’s success lies within the philosophy of the game developers who are quite good at understanding the needs of the customers. The idea to provide each character with a unique wardrobe worked very well for the franchise. Gamers who equally are fashion geeks appreciated the idea the most and approached various online stores to purchase the Pubg Varsity 5m Jacket. It has been the most iconic piece from the game featuring the unbeatable combination of wool and real leather material. You rarely get to witness a fantastic piece having the number 5 logo at the backside. Additionally, green and black colors turn the casual attire into luxurious wear perfect for casual events.






Drake’s Fashion Choice

The millionaire figure and one of the leading names in the world of rapping from the United States, Drake loves being into fashion. He is the kind of guy who says no to appearing public if running out of new clothes. Seriously, when he steps out, he rarely wears the same piece twice. One of Drake’s most sensational choices, Drake Brown Varsity Jacket is breathtaking outerwear that speaks of the standard of the renowned American actor and businessman. Featuring ribbed neckline, cuffs, and sleeves made of distressed leather, the outerwear seems to have equipped with an extended list of specifications making it one of the unique most pieces from the Drake collection.






Brandon Flynn’s Blue Outerwear

Portraying Justin Foley in the web series 13 Reasons Why, Brandon Flynn has unintentionally set up the trend of stylizing the 13 Reasons Why Liberty High Varsity Jacket. It’s a cool component of Flynn’s wardrobe allowing him to look dashing and out of this world. Structured using wool fabric material, it comes with the Liberty Tiger patch at the chest and buttoned closure for easy adjustment. When you look at the sleeves in a detailed manner, you find the pu leather material being used for perfection. The web series has effectively grabbed the attention of the audience and so has this outerwear.







Emilio Sanchez

As we are talking about some of the coolest varsity outwears available in the online market, it would be quite an injustice to neglect The Society Jason Letterman Varsity Jacket. Donned by Emilio Sanchez while playing Jason in The Society, it has to be the best product in the outlined list and that too for a number of reasons. Firstly, its exterior is made of fleece whereas sleeves have been structured with the help of real leather material. Gifted with maroon and mustard colors, it is a well-stitched jacket that deserves to be on top of the list. You may have tons of outwears certainly varsity wears with the high-fi brand tags, yet this one beats them all.





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