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Formal dress coats have been perhaps more popular amongst men than in women. Men, however, tend to incorporate the usual colors – black and brown – with their daily lifestyle and routine, which is why seeing them clad in a white blazer or a funky designer coat might be rare. However, express jacket mens has allowed us to feast our eyes on a variety of styles – we have not only seen men adorning designer formal coats, but also a wide range of topcoats, trench coats, and puffer coats.

We, however, are going to introduce some of the most wayward styles that our favorite female celebrities have catered to for fall. Mentioned below are some of our most favorite looks to go for other than the basic black moto.




Trench Coat



Since its fall and the weather won’t be getting chummier anyhow, allow your trench coat to fall beneath your knees this season. Christy Turlington is giving us major styling hacks by pairing a maroon leather belted trench coat that not only swept her knees with style but also shone with ecstasy. She relied on a pair of cream-colored heels and a clutch to top off the look as well.

Can we please have mens dress coats that looked half as stylish and elegant?




Bella Hadid | New American Jackets |


Leave it to Bella Hadid to step out of the conundrum with a unique style every now and then. Previously, we had seen Bella Hadid adorn a snake-skin ensemble over her tiny frame. This time, Bella Hadid is giving us major goals by layering her outerwear. She has not only worn an all-denim ensemble below but has also paired her denim jacket with a shiny leather jacket and black stilettos.




The_Red_Carpet | New American Jackets


The red carpet has been a staple for introducing us to quirky and wayward designs – especially those of Met Gala and the VMAs. However, here, we aren’t going to discuss the importance of the red carpet in fashion, but we are going to introduce the red on a red staple that was carried ever so elegantly by Naomi Rapace

Naomi Rapace paired her red leather pants with a shiny red leather jacket that not only had the paparazzi in awe, but also her fans in a twist.




Kim Kardashian | New American Jackets |


Whether it is Kim Kardashian who just stepped out to cater to some last minute ‘toy’ shopping, or Jessica Alba who despite the grey weather chose to look pretty relaxed, we can say that the white (or light pink) jacket on plaid blouses might be a comeback this fall.




Ruby Rose’s vest | New American jackets |


Male celebrities have surely made it easier by flaunting their Forever 21 hoodies mens, but if you need to get inclusive in the weather, then, we think that they need to incorporate a bit of pop color into their lifestyle and wardrobes.


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